Choose bouquet size

Small: Designed for your favorite small space, the small bouquet has between 11-15 stems and a maximum height of 45cm. It fits nicely to your reading corner, nightstand, kitchen isle, or the desk you’re designing your big projects.

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Medium: We designed the medium bouquet to give any space a lift. Built from 17-21 stems with a height of 60-70cm depending on the seasonal flowers. It fits in your hallway, on your dinning table , living room or open space.

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Large:The large bouquet is the one that will impress. Has between 23-25 stems and a height of max 90cm. It is not your classical and definetly a biggie that works wonders anywhere you place it -even on your floor or in your dedicated flower corner.

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Plan your delivery

One bouquet? Or more? Both are possible. Weekly, bi-monthly or monthly? Same, it just depends on how big your love for flowers is.

You want to enjoy your flowers during the week- at home or in the office? We then recommend to fix your delivery for Monday.

Or do you prefer seeing them bloom during the weekend at home? Then we will bring them on Thursdays.


You are in control

Leaving on holiday. You can pause* and reactivate when back.

You want to enjoy fresh blooms more often? Upgrade the frequency.

And even if we’re sad to see you leaving, you can decide to cancel* your subscription.

*with a 5 days notice so we can make the adjustments


Free delivery in water

We deliver in refrigerated vans so we keep them cool during summer and at the right temperature in winter. And in water, so they never get thirsty on their way to you.

You will get them as blooms ready to burst in colors and scents. We also make sure you know how to care for them so they can last longer.

What are you waiting for?

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