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STUDIUM makes it easy and convenient to send the gift of flowers to someone you love or care to spoil. This simple gift is one that literally keeps on giving and is a constant and repeated reminder to the recipient of your generosity and kindness. Just 3 steps.


Choose the size and number of deliveries you want to gift. This way, you determine the balance of your giftcard.

Small bouquet
140 ron
Medium bouquet
180 ron
Large bouquet
260 ron
Select the frequency you want your flowers delivered:



Let us know where to send the gift card within 2 business days.

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Your order confirmation and invoice will be sent to your email address.
Recipient delivery address
The lucky person will not receive the order confirmation that will be sent to your email address.

Add your personal touch. We package the gift card by hand and we customise it with your personal message

And let them design their subscription to make sure they decide when and where they want to receive the flowers.