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Delivery Service

How does your subscription service work?

STUDIUM works as a subscription based flower delivery. You decide the size of your blooms, the frequency you want them delivered and then we do the rest. You can order flowers to be delivered weekly, every second week or monthly to yourself or as a gift. We carefully select and curate the best quality sesonal flowers and send you a beautiful and different bouquet with each delivery.

Can I pause my subscription when I’m on holiday? How do I do that?

Of course you can. You have full control on your subscription. To pause log in to your STUDIUM account, go to ‘My subscription overview’ tab and click on pause. When back, do not forget to reactivate so you enjoy your blooms again.

How do I reactivate my subscription?

Simple. Log in to your STUDIUM account, go to ‘My subscription overview’ tab and here you can reactivate! If you need any help doing this, you can always contact us via messenger or otherwise, drop us an email at

How do I start ordering flowers from you?

It is super easy to start enjoying beautiful fresh flowers! All you need to do is head over to It will take you through the steps you need to complete in order to start your subscription.

Something went wrong during the order process. What should I do?

We tested and super tested our flow but in case something goes wrong, no need to panic. Just contact us via messenger or email. There is always someone happy to help so do reach out to us.

Orders & Preferences

Is it possible to state my own preferences for the bouquet?

We do a lot of nice stuff but customisation is not one of them. It is intentional and it comes from the ambition to deliver you the freshest flowers available and make it in a sustainable way. To understand our style and know what to expect, check our instagram and facebook pages for previous bouquets.

Can I change the size of my flowers? How do I do that?

Sure you can! Just log in your account, go to ‘My subscription overview’ tab and simply edit the size. You can increase or decrease the size on your preferences.

Can I order an extra bouquet from STUDIUM?

Of course! Log in to your STUDIUM account and go to ‘My subscription overview’ tab. Here you can select the size and quantity of your flexible flower subscription. Remember we need at least 4 working days to make changes to our deliveries!

If you would only like the extra bouquet only once, then don’t forget to change your flower order after the delivery takes place.


Are there any additional costs when ordering from you, like a delivery charge?

Our prices include all other costs which means no nasty surprises! There are no additional costs involved and the prices of our bouquets include both VAT and delivery.

How do I pay and when does payment take place?

You can pay  securely via credit or debit card. When you order your first bouquet of flowers, payment will be taken directly via the payment method you've chosen. Payment for subsequent deliveries are then taken automatically, 3 days before your delivery.


Can I specify an exact time when I want to receive my flowers?

You can specify a time slot when customising your subscription, and we will do our best to accommodate it.

What happens to my flowers if I’m not at home?

No worries! We will always let you know when your flowers have been delivered. You can also give us a safe place where we can place your delivery or we can also leave your flowers with your kind neighbours. We’ll make sure to leave them in water the flowers stay hydrated.

I want to have my flowers delivered to another address once, is that possible?

It is, just log in to your STUDIUM account and go to ‘My account’. Edit the tab ‘Billling and delivery address’ to change your address for the next delivery. Don’t forget to change it back once the flowers have been delivered! Please do note that you can only change your order until Friday at midnight (23:59) for Monday deliveries, and Monday at midnight (23:59) for Wednesday deliveries respectively.

Redeeming a flower gift

I received a gift card, now what?

Lucky you!! It is simple. Through you can redeem your gift. Simply fill our the giftcode, and enter the delivery details – shipping address, desired delivery date and interval. Once you do this, we automatically create a user account so you can see your delivery schedule and other information. Once the credit is used up the delivery will automatically stop. You can choose to add a payment method to your account if you want us to keep delivering the flowers.

Giving flowers

How to give flowers as a gift?

You can give flowers as a gift in two ways. The first way is by creating a personal account for someone in which you can then deactivate the account after your desired number of deliveries. The second way is to buy a gift card for someone. Your payment indicates how many deliveries you would like to give and they will stop when the balance runs out. You can purchase a beautiful gift card at

You can order an online gift card – the version we recommend, for sustainability. Or you can order a physical card that we can send to you or directly to the person that will enjoy the gift.

I ordered a gift card, when will it be sent?

We will make sure your gift card arrives within maximum 5 working days from placing your order.

The gift card I ordered hasn’t arrived. What now?

When you buy a gift card with us we will make sure it arrives within 5 working days. If this is not the case, please contact us via messenger or send us an email at


How can I contact your customer service?

We love to talk to you so don’t be shy! Contact us via facebook messenger, send us a call on 0733353543 or email us at

How long will my flowers last for?

We go extra miles to deliver freshest flowers in season. It is important to note however that the longevity of flowers depends largely on how you care for them. Change the water at least every 2nd day, trim the stems when you do it, take care where you place them. And more specific tips and information can be found on our social media pages. Using these care tips will help you keep your beautiful flowers fresher for longer!

What are the dimensions of your vases?

Our small vases are 18m in height, has a diameter of 14cm and the neck is 10.5cm wide.

The medium vase is 25,4cm in height, has a diameter of 17cm and the neck is 9 cm wide.

For the large vase, the height comes up to 32,5cm, the diameter is 21cm and the neck is 11cm.

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