About us

STUDIUM got born from own emotions and happiness of being surrounded by beautiful flowers. And it is not only our belief - flowers are proven scientifically to enhance one’s mood and they inarguably improve the quality of life. Flowers are proven emotional enhancers that will lighten up any space – home or office.

So, we decided to rely on flowers to express emotions that seem too raw, sacred or risqué for words. We believe it is time to revive a subtler language of flowers, one that serves the quieter milestones of our emotional lives.

So it is not just blooms we deliver to your doorstep with the advantage of convenience - we aim at being there for you in designing a fresh, mindful lifestyle. For everyday. And for yourself, not just as a gift to others.

This is why we propose a fresh aesthetique by sending you the flowers loose. Free and unbound. So, you can add your personal touch. We believe flowers are beautiful as they are given they are fresh and not rigidly bent into unnatural shapes or tamed into strict containers.

We will carefully select and craft stylish bouquets drawing inspiration from the way people live and interact with flowers in their homes and in their intimate moments. The color palette will differ with seasons and will encourages mindful living and creating an environment to disconnect and recharge

We also care to nurture a new approach to waste. With your support. Weekly we select the freshest flowers based on your orders. This increases the time you wil enjoy fresh flowers and decreases the waste close to zero, but makes us less adaptable to your spontaneous needs.

We are a start-up that believes sourcing local is best. We aim, with time, to shorten the traditional supply chain that means better margins for local farmers, affordable and fresh flowers for you and a great achievement for a team that strongly believes and acts on sustainability. This will, as all sustainable initiatives, take time. For starters, to offer you weekly diversity of flowers, we will source both locally and from small and medium farmers in Europe.